The Lehigh Valley Molecular and Cell Biology Society (LVMCBS) was established by two DeSales University faculty members, Lara Goudsouzian and Joshua Slee, in 2016.  The goal is to promote open communication and facilitate collaboration between faculty and undergraduate students interested in molecular life sciences at regional colleges and universities in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Noting that there had been a lack of molecular and cell biology-focused local conferences that allow students to present their research and discuss science with their peers, the society sought to fill that void with an annual poster session and keynote talk on a topic of interest to the field.

This symposium provides a forum outside of their home institutions for students to disseminate their data or research plan while simultaneously learning how others approach scientific problems.

This opportunity facilitates cross talk that can not only increase student learning and professional development but also potentially foster collaborations between researchers at different colleges and universities.  For the past three years, the event has been supported by the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC), which has helped to decrease cost of attendance, allow us to offer an honorarium to our speakers, and helps support our assessment.  More information about LVAIC can be found on their website, www.lvaic.org.

This year’s event is also supported by Muhlenberg College, including funds obtained through our Lectures and Forum Committee.  The organizers, Amy Hark and Bruce Wightman, would like to thank the College and especially our administrative assistant, Ms. Christina Wallitsch, for her help in preparing for this symposium and program.

Symposium sponsored by:

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